There is obviously a very fine line between business success and failure. The supermarket and retail giant Tesco announced this week annual profits of £3.3bn. That’s a huge amount of money that many of us would struggle just to comprehend. However the news of Tesco’s vast profits was seemingly met with doom and gloom by the powers that be. Why? Profits had actually fallen by 6% from the previous year. The chief executive stated there would be more investment and ‘the store will thrive again’. Is a £3.3bn profit not an indicator of a thriving business? Obviously not in the case of Tesco and falling profits.

Consider perhaps that people are buying less and/or have a keener eye for what goods, products and services cost? Tesco also has its main stream and budget competitors who are striving to compete for much of the same market.

I’m an advocate for a market driven economy but at what cost? With Tesco in mind it’s definitely food for thought.

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