This BBC website article discusses how the 5G network will change the world ‘5G will follow in the footsteps of 4G and 3G…’

Hmmm, 5G sounds great. 4G sounds great too. Outside of the big UK cities the availability of 4G is very limited. In some rural areas 3G is a bonus. 2G is ofen as good as it gets.

Networks and mobile communications in whatever form they take are essential for modern day businesses and commerce. The are also increasingly important, if not indispensable, for managing domestic day-to-day living in terms of entertainment, communications, finances, energy etc.

It begs to ask the question that investment in a new, modern infrastructure and network for the future should go ahead – perhaps at the expense of plough billions of ┬ús into an older, antiquated network such as our roads…

True, much business is done by people with other people and undoubtedly transporting goods (and people) from A to B is an essential and important part of a thriving economy. The idea of a free-flowing road network and the ability to travel when one chooses, easily and quickly from A to B is a meritable goal – but surely this so ‘last century’. Perhaps this is what was said about the railway network in the second half of the 20th century.

Ultimately though, until we can travel in time or another dimension, we do need multiple networks, and it seems, with ever increasing capacities and the associated costs they entail.