Public relations is a key and essential part of building and maintaining a successful brand reputation. Every business that provides a service, solution or product needs to communicate and engage with its target audience. Businesses that use PR will generally have a higher profile than those businesses that do not. In today’s competitive market the reputation of a business is a significant asset – this can help an organisation stand out from the crowd and provide a competitive edge.

Public relations activity can include the following:

  • press releases
    the press release is one of the oldest PR tools and yet remains one of the most effective. Press releases can achieve a much more cost effective impact than advertisements
  • articles and features
    thought and leadership related articles – can help to develop the brand or give the business a competitive edge
  • newsletters
    relevant and regular information about the business delivered directly to the target audience
  • blogs
    to reach an online audience – can enable two-way communication
  • social media
    another marketing tool, under the guise of digital marketing, enables active and direct communication between a business and the public, consumers, investors and other target groups
  • events
    trade shows, exhibitions and press events – enable businesses to interface directly with customers and the media

PR remains an essential marketing tool regardless of the economic climate. Effective PR can help a business develop its reputation and profile by communicating and building good relationships with all stakeholders.