Here’s the copy for a blog post I originally wrote in September 2011 entitled ‘Who wants a 3D TV?’

3D TV. So what’s that all about then? I know what it is and what it does. But why? who wants it? who needs it? Where are the glasses? Sorry Dad I sat on the £100 3D glasses. Sorry, we only have 2 pairs of glasses. Not good. I’m not an early adopter. Possibly sooner than many but definitely not early. 3D TV with glasses. Nope. Not for me. For those of you that have taken the 3D plunge then I’m sure the viewing experience is hugely immersive and possibly very satisfying. Glasses free 3D? Yes, better but the technology still isn’t quite there to make it the experience it could/should be….narrow viewing angles, fringing effects, reduced resolution. 3D TV. No thank you. Not today. Smart TV however…..hmmm there’s an idea…..

Here’s a link to an article ‘Not much interest left in 3D TV says retailer’ posted in June 2013

3D imaging has and undoubtedly will continue to find a niche in medical, manufacturing and industrial applications.

A year on, and 3D printing probably garners more interest than 3D TV…hmmm now there’s an idea…